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Brenda Castillo Sweet Llamita Founder

Brenda's family moved to California at the age of nine from Mexico City to a famous little valley she had no idea existed called Napa Valley. Thanks to her sixth-grade teacher, Brenda discovered her love for art and by the time she was in high school she was painting platters for days for the annual school auctions helping fundraise hundreds of dollars per platter.

About a year after her college graduation, Brenda could not find any cards at premium stationery boutiques that could connect with her mom or dad. Most Father's Day cards, for example, had imagery of bowties, ties, and fancy shoes and her dad, being a landscaper, wore muddy working boots, a hat, and sunglasses to work. Seeing the lack of card selection for many years after that experience, she started doodling card ideas and began to play with graphic design software for the first time after work. Finally, in the fall of 2014 she went back to school to get a certificate in graphic design to launch Sweet Llamita.

Brenda started Sweet Llamita for people who, like herself, love Spanish, and who want culturally relevant premium greeting cards. Whether you need a Father's day card for papá who works in construction, an encouragement card for your Latina friend or a birthday card for your suegra (aka mother-in-law) who you can't speak in Spanish to Brenda has you covered. 

Image by Alexia Guuinic